I think of it when i drink a glass of milk

I think of it when i drink a glass of milk

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A step closer...

Visiting the AGRO PARK at the back of my hostel which is being developed by Universiti Malaysia Kelantan's students are becoming more and more interesting adding to the creativity of the students in venturing various business and new exploration. To name some : Moderate scale mushroom planting, fish breeding , vegetable planting and the latest one is Suka- Banyak Haiwan ! The cute mini zoo comprising rabbits, birds, tortoise and hen are so adorable. They are hop in excitement just as soon as we enter to feed them. Obviously, they were a little 
ticklish and the funniest part is that , the rabbits started chewing my slippers  as it was bright orange in color. Huhu....at times animals are BODOH!Loes 'ok at them...hungrily eating away.....a never ending feed! Kangkung....carrots....are the FAVS! they even crawl up the container to reach the food but Khirijha goes ' Ei...ei....no no...po angge( go there)..'trying to be a instructor( Wishing all the best to her for her to train them further)Sharm just enjoyed feeding the little TELETUBBITS!also..experiencing the sniffing all around.As soon as that konon girl( KHIRIJHA) got her the keys of the mini zoo. She was just shaking away( meaning : was so dominating/ showing the power that she had keys/ dancing up and down saying that she was supposed to take care of them ) not knowing that we were planning to break the lock and replace it so that we could get hold of the mini zoo in time to come.hahaha.....! The sad story goes like this; Science Natural Resources had a subject by the title Hidupan Liar and we were suppose to take care of these little rabbits but they were not delivered to the uni in time and as a result, we had to take care of the rodents. The hamsters were so cute too. It is nice to spend time with them after a whole day of hard work. Sadly it was last semester and now I have my Chel with me.
This is another chicky one....hopping here and there just like RABBIT MACHA!Feeding these small hip hops  is really fun and they are so tame....this is were we can show the 'Manism' or Heroism in us! Not to an angry dog/fierce tiger / but only to a rabbit..a cute little tame rabbit.

Schedule to feed at 7 am and 3pm, of course a lot of commitment is required when you are involved in these volunteerism and remember STUDENTS ARE NOT PAID! but it depends on their creativity to generate money and also role it to purchase and gain profit.When I look at it, touch it and get hold of it.. i remember SATAY KAJANG ARNAB! i feel so sorry for it but,,,anyway....people do agree that its meat is very delicious.Poor rabbits- skewed into satays...!My friend did invite me over to take care of the animals but I have to consider a little..!
( due to my commitments)Lastly, my first experience on such things willl definately make the a difference.