I think of it when i drink a glass of milk

I think of it when i drink a glass of milk

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why is there such woman?

Adjectives ~ too many to actually identify and interpret her. Young but not outgoing( I am referring to the scenario at this era- real competitive and fast moving era!), typical of a left out(lucky to be employed), BIG but slightly presentable , supposed to be professional yet ending up being haggard and at times(chooses time) to smile when help is needed. Knowledge is a ‘no’, ‘ no’ but if it concerns on complaints then there is a wide smile and lots of idea to be thrown out. In short, i cant see an effort! Why is the so much of excuse to get her task done? In need of someone for aid?  Deep in myself, the green light is always on, even when its yellowish but self engine refuses to stop. The burning desire that I am very young, too many stuffs from many aspects to be achieved, always on go, to be reached, to be ventured.

Approximately about 4 years of work  experience. It maybe in 2 different companies. The companies may not be an international company where the management is not too sophisticated yet still under pressure to handle simple stuffs. Complaints again?! Yet to reach the higher level positions in authority,( or maybe she just wants to sit on the same sit and never expects to excel or develop herself. It is because she is a woman? I myself and many of my girl friends are and aren’t like this. They have their do’s and dont’s...Should I point my finger to the situation/ environment/ up bringing?Feeling ashamed at her performance, especially when she fails to respect the boss( probably ignorance was the main cause of this catosphere. Keeps herself busy all the time meaning she is slow? Or she has heaps of work untouched?

My concern is.....Why do we have to be or sound so negative? It is not how we are supposed to be. Are we not trained to be productive?Why are we full or excuses, when many  of them had and has been proving many odds to the world. The burning desire has to come from within an individual...finding for opportunity! Chance! Room for improvement...! Yet many take the current situation for granted and stay put at the pace they are and sit in the comfort zone.Wake up people! Or maybe I can’t sit still? Neither way the best is always venturing something new or discovering more about something you knew earlier. ( at least to keep you busy...thou is not a valid reason)

My key word – Excel! Venture! Discover! Explore!  Be someone resourceful or in a normal way- be USEFUL! 

Monday, August 30, 2010


Kepada negaraku yang tercinta,

Saya berasa amat bangga dan terharu apabila saya mendengar lagu 'Negaraku'. Rasa cintakan negara sangat mendalam bagi saya hanya disebabkan Ibu saya yang amat mengutamakan patrioritisme dalam kalangan seseorang penghuni negara tersebut!

I am a Malaysian Citizen and I have felt the pride when I represented MY COUNTRY for THE STUDY OF UNITED STATED IN GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES!! Now i am able to imagine the pride and the  happiness of me being there for my country! It can be categorized as the need of skill of expertise. We were so much so dedicated towards the environment and were specially awarded to represent our country, for our future in Malaysia ( to come back and implement the 'take - aways' which could be implemented here in order to save the nature) This is the best I could for Malaysia..

Of course it is a very great opportunity to be in the States and spending days experiencing their lifestyle when one is fully sponsored is even more exciting. However, 3 weeks past and there goes my imagination back to my country! ' When would be able to go back ?' Cepatlah 5 minggu lagi!" . All this used to just passed through my mind , which means there is no other place better than your home country. Malaysia is unique for some reasons

I have to admit that it is comprised of many races just like many other countries. When it comes to race and religion, to be frank it is still a sensitive issues here in this country. No individuals would or are brave to discriminate others. ( In presence of certain circumstances; there are cases of some angry citizens who have vandalized place of worship. These notorious citizens are usually caught and send for rehabilitation or punished in a way they can recover from any trauma they face. In addition. they new way the government has come up with is one of the best approach to this matter....FORGIVE AND ACCEPT THEM BACK INTO THE SOCIETY IMMEDIATELY! thats the way! appreciate this people and not segregate them. They would not feel left out and that is where you can take the chance to instill or convey fruitful messages.!!!

 However, the wonders we share together is the experience and it  solely depends on the environment. I have to tell that each state in Malaysia  DIFFERS! it is not at all the same! It is very true and I say this because I am from a all Girls school and I had so much difficulty to adapt myself when I was doing my form 6 in High School Bukit Mertajam.It is only the matter of ' male species' being present there but it was very difficult to mix and feel comfortable just because we were not used to have them around for the 7 hours we spend in school.
And imagine if one is from Tamil or Chinese school for instance, how awkward would they feel and the process of adapting themselves would be as difficult as I felt or even more.I am Penang born and bred, which means I had no problem eating Char Koay Teow, bringing my malay friends to watch English movie ( they- all speak good English) or stay back in the school together waiting for our activity time. We eat nasi goreng for lunch , vaade and Teh tarik for tea time and some junk food ( shared by all because by the end of the day all our allowances are all used up). We never felt a necessary of 1 Malaysia concept as it was already in us. When this 1MALAYSIA is introduced, I still could not get the idea because PENANGITES had no problem mixing with fellow friends from different background( literally means nothing when one say that the background differs in Penang).

Merdeka flag hung on those bicycles in the campus. creating the RED BLUE YELLOW  AND WHITE mood!

Journey to the EAST.Kelantan. Was more of a 1 MALAYSIA concept need. When I say Kelantan, I can imagine what many would think of! ?1?? But trust me., NO such thing! The locals there are the most humble people I have met. They look up upon others who visit their state. They admit that they need to know more and all always ready to learn from us. The taxi drivers, bus drivers, cleaners, lecturers, professors, migrants from other states, are just as kind and soft spoken( Lecturers from other states can be clearly seen trying to adapt themselves to be like the locals. Only one race being a majority there, it is just like a school students from Sek. Ren. Jenis .Keb! There is less exposure to others belief, practice, thoughts, tradition, and many other considerations yet to come across. This is where more of this concept practice is needed and not in  less in states like PENANG, SELANGOR , MALACCA, OR JOHOR.

Anyway , it is nice to share, experience others culture when it is done sincerely. ( not for publicity ) please. Try and change yourself if it possible. Try it out for a day, week, month or a year perhaps.I bet you will like the uniqueness Malaysia has. Put a aside the scenario when your opportunity was deprived, sensitive issues such a religion and racial segregation, arguments we had which resulted in intolerance, and many more situation which ended up in a nasty way. For the peace of our country try to be a true person.I am not asking for a lot of changes to be done....for development economically or big political change. It is just a way of social development where no fund is needed for awareness or no political parties are involved in holding a microphone and talking for hours about individual responsibilities towards the nation. Rather a simple change in youself( approximately 0.01% of your attitude) and then see the result!?

I have and will keep on doing my part as a Malaysian 

 The smile says that 1Malaysia is still new to us but we have been practicing this since young!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

2nd Beach Cleaning by Eco- Friendly Club - MASKUM

Beach cleaning program at Pantai Irama on 4th August 2010.

therefore, we are the Maskumarians!

This was the first ever beach cleaning conducted by Eco- Friendly club and it is proud to say that the club manage to attract about 200 students who were interested in volunteering but unfortunately only 70 students were needed. Therefore, a environmental movie show was played and it was to filter those who were really committed and interested in nature. There were almost 60students whom turned up for the movie and were automatically qualified for the beach cleaning participation. The movement is even smoother and less tiring as there are more man power and also enthusiast who drives us going all day long. The event was a collaboration with Sek. Men. Islam Aman, Kota Bahru and about 20 students participated in this.5 pharmacy students from  University Science Malaysia joined us and they too had a good new experience. To many new comers and inexperienced in this field, i would say that it was a lucky day and a good venue to start of with as there were not so much rubbish compared to Pantai Cahay Bulan.This scenario would allow the students to go up the ladder in a lower pace compared to giving them a culture shock.

The event was being supported by Mr. Marwan ,the officer in charge for MASKUM( MAJLIS SUKARELAWAN UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA) and he was all out to make his last project a success before he leaves to further his studies.He was really supportive and gave us a lot of idea on how to excel, create more opportunities for others as well and also credited us for our effort for making this event a success!Irama was not as bad a we could imagine ; the beach was always clean as it is taken care by the local contractor to ensure the cleanliness of the particular beach.Therefore, the process of cleaning up was an easy and quick job. I ended in about 30 minutes and the challenging part was to do  a little campaign of the environment and our daily practice.

Lesson learnt: obviously have  a local with you when you are dealing with the villagers or oldies and of course you have to be extra extra humble and speak using the correct terms. Approach them(the locals) in a kind way and get right to the point rather than winding the stories.

 It was not easy to talk/educate or even share with them but was more of a  tough job to approach them.

However, they were also not as friendly as we thought, Some of them took our approach in a wrong way and they were not happy when we were campaigning. They were pretty much interested in gaining profit and the worst hurdle was to break their PEKAT KELATE DIALEG! wowo..//i could not understand much and a better option was to ask my malay friends to handle them rathe rthan me speaking BAHASA RASMI and making everyone confuse.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A step closer...

Visiting the AGRO PARK at the back of my hostel which is being developed by Universiti Malaysia Kelantan's students are becoming more and more interesting adding to the creativity of the students in venturing various business and new exploration. To name some : Moderate scale mushroom planting, fish breeding , vegetable planting and the latest one is Suka- Banyak Haiwan ! The cute mini zoo comprising rabbits, birds, tortoise and hen are so adorable. They are hop in excitement just as soon as we enter to feed them. Obviously, they were a little 
ticklish and the funniest part is that , the rabbits started chewing my slippers  as it was bright orange in color. Huhu....at times animals are BODOH!Loes 'ok at them...hungrily eating away.....a never ending feed! Kangkung....carrots....are the FAVS! they even crawl up the container to reach the food but Khirijha goes ' Ei...ei....no no...po angge( go there)..'trying to be a instructor( Wishing all the best to her for her to train them further)Sharm just enjoyed feeding the little TELETUBBITS!also..experiencing the sniffing all around.As soon as that konon girl( KHIRIJHA) got her the keys of the mini zoo. She was just shaking away( meaning : was so dominating/ showing the power that she had keys/ dancing up and down saying that she was supposed to take care of them ) not knowing that we were planning to break the lock and replace it so that we could get hold of the mini zoo in time to come.hahaha.....! The sad story goes like this; Science Natural Resources had a subject by the title Hidupan Liar and we were suppose to take care of these little rabbits but they were not delivered to the uni in time and as a result, we had to take care of the rodents. The hamsters were so cute too. It is nice to spend time with them after a whole day of hard work. Sadly it was last semester and now I have my Chel with me.
This is another chicky one....hopping here and there just like RABBIT MACHA!Feeding these small hip hops  is really fun and they are so tame....this is were we can show the 'Manism' or Heroism in us! Not to an angry dog/fierce tiger / but only to a rabbit..a cute little tame rabbit.

Schedule to feed at 7 am and 3pm, of course a lot of commitment is required when you are involved in these volunteerism and remember STUDENTS ARE NOT PAID! but it depends on their creativity to generate money and also role it to purchase and gain profit.When I look at it, touch it and get hold of it.. i remember SATAY KAJANG ARNAB! i feel so sorry for it but,,,anyway....people do agree that its meat is very delicious.Poor rabbits- skewed into satays...!My friend did invite me over to take care of the animals but I have to consider a little..!
( due to my commitments)Lastly, my first experience on such things willl definately make the a difference.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A nasi lemak Tuesday

Class at 8am - arrghh forget it! We focus more on nasi lemak ok?????

TABLE 2 WITH 3 PEOPLE: the photos illustrates this!

Debating between nasi lemak and toasted bread+half boiled egg!....DECIDED! nasi lemak....and some nice hot TEH'O! it was so filling and it has been so so so so long since i had this!


Alex was slurping away his pocked/smashed/ mixed half boiled egg! and Nyamby was posting away for a photo just because I took Alex's! hehe...so cute... look below

What happened next?

The kick start of NESCAFE. walking past our hostel and i could see red banner and some new faces distributing a form! But SPOTTED! free nescafe chilled drink..I grabbed it and the promoter said ' Feel up tu dulu, baru dapat minum.! HMMM....embarrassing! 

It was a questionaire and it was cool! Fill up your particulars and tick 3 most preferred choices of your future career! 
1. of course NOg WoKeRs
2. POhtO juRoliNAst
3. .......( something to do with modelling)

 look at our man busy filling up here....:

look at the bubble and I am imagining that Nyamby is representing my group when he post for this. Which means he will take over all the assignments given and we just have to study!!! HANDSOME MASCOT FOR UMK!(alex and Sharm  - misssssssing)

At 12. 15 - Finalize candidates jonining the motivational program to Kuala Terengganu and all particulars sent in! Mr. Marwan did help us alot and further more encouraged us so much to join this program as it would be beneficial if you consider yourself a leader.

and  unintentional meeting with Juniors. I have to share something so important! First indian girl in the Veterinarian  Faculty! she got in after her diploma in pharmacy! Doesn't that sound weird ? But it did happen...faith!Faithed to be a DR!So proud of her! 
The left most is an up coming environmentalist and she has just begun a project on ' Say No to Plastic in UMK CAFE' and she proposed a 1 month trial period on every Tuesday and she has 2 other members working with her.

The BOSS in black is from Bioindustry course and she said ' AKKA! do you know that my plan is to obtain degree here and work in either Police force or customs and my 1st choice is Customs ;)...I want more money! I mean it..illegal money!' and she giggled! The other expressed their feelings on how some choosy students are nowadays. They are offered seats to pursue their degree which has become a must- have in your life yet students are rejecting it due to location factor even in this borderless world! How sad? Only 23 indian students enrolled themselves in UMK this year and a total of 20 girls and 3 boys! WOMEN POWER!


                                         Alex : MENGAPA KITA PERLU BELAJAR?
                                         Miss: Sebab you bodoh!

And some rushing to finish the forgotten...............as usual
the class was so interesting! We learned the flow of preliminary assessment and detailed assessment and the tutor welcomed our questions and our ideas so much so we enjoyed her class and thanks to DR. KASSIM for introducing new talented jewels of UMK to shine in classes. Frankly, I am satisfied with her teaching..despite she tries her best to speak English I think she puts in a lot of effort in this to keep up to some level rather than just vomiting out of slide plus in Bahasa! Credits to you dear tutor!

her favourite question of the day~ 19 categories of DOE department?
and of course! ~ loves to call me MALLAR

I have more to come...in my next post! got to get ready for film series ! And hope to update soon by tonight
( depending on the internet connection)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Vision 2020?

Friday July 9, 2010

Solid waste to reach 30,000 tonnes per day by 2020


SOLID waste produced by Malay sians is increasing annually and expected to reach 30,000 tonnes daily by 2020, said Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Lajim Ukim.
He said the rate of recycling efforts was expected to reach 22% by 2020 based on calculations of the National Strategic Plan on Solid Waste in 2005.
Answering a question by Datuk Rashid Din (PKR-Merbok), Lajim said the 3R (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) programme will be the key strategy to educate Malaysians on waste management and that the ministry had spent RM3.4mil in 2006, RM3.3mil in 2007 and RM1.5mil in 2008 on this.
In another development, Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek tabled the Perbad anan Stadium Malaysia Bill 2010 yesterday, proposing the formation of a new corporation to develop and manage stadiums and sports complexes in the country.
He said the corporation would be responsible, among others, to promote stadiums at national and international levels as the venue for sports, recreation, cultural, commercial and entertainment events.
The Bill will replace the Stadium Merdeka Corporation Act 1963 and repeal the Stadium Merdeka Corporation.
The House also heard a proposal by Datuk Mohd Sirat Abu (BN-Bukit Katil) for helicopters to be used to get to road accident victims on highways because ambulances sometimes arrived late at the scene.
(Extracted from THE STAR)

Lets support DULUX!

(From left) Yasmin Rasyid, Marlene Kaur, Lee Heng Keng, AkzoNobel Decorative Paints (Southeast Asia and Pacific) managing director Jeremy Rowe, Goh Cheok Wong and S. Perry at the launch of the AkzoNobel Dulux Paint Bank. — Picture by Goh Thean Howe

Read more: Dulux paints town green with recycling effort http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/2dot/Article/#ixzz0uE0jlxcR

(Extracted from NST)
KUALA LUMPUR: Leftover paint can be recycled.
AkzoNobel's Dulux Paint Bank has launched an educational campaign at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, here yesterday.

ICI Paints (M) Sdn Bhd managing director Goh Cheok Wong said the campaign was to encourage consumers to recycle their unused paint.

"We want to reach out to the consumers and educate them on how to care for the environment," said Cheok.
The public can drop off their paint at Tesco Mutiara Damansara in Selangor, Tesco Tebrau City in Johor, Tesco Sungai Petani in Kedah and Tesco Kota Baru in Kelantan.

The paint will be sent to the waste management company Texcycle Technology (M) Bhd to be treated. The oil, water and chemical compounds are separated to be reused.

"The chemicals are converted into harmless sludge," said Cheok.

Each person may only hand over 15 litres of paint for recycling.

The collection period is from Friday to July 3, from 10am to 8pm.

For every 15 litres of paint received, AkzoNobel will contribute a litre of paint. The target is to collect 20,000 litres of paint.

Some of the paint collected will be used to refurbish the Children Protection Society Penang, The Spastic Children's Association of Johor, and Sinar Suria Children Home, Temerloh.

For information, visit www.duluxpaintbank.org. -- By C. Premananthini