I think of it when i drink a glass of milk

I think of it when i drink a glass of milk

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A nasi lemak Tuesday

Class at 8am - arrghh forget it! We focus more on nasi lemak ok?????

TABLE 2 WITH 3 PEOPLE: the photos illustrates this!

Debating between nasi lemak and toasted bread+half boiled egg!....DECIDED! nasi lemak....and some nice hot TEH'O! it was so filling and it has been so so so so long since i had this!


Alex was slurping away his pocked/smashed/ mixed half boiled egg! and Nyamby was posting away for a photo just because I took Alex's! hehe...so cute... look below

What happened next?

The kick start of NESCAFE. walking past our hostel and i could see red banner and some new faces distributing a form! But SPOTTED! free nescafe chilled drink..I grabbed it and the promoter said ' Feel up tu dulu, baru dapat minum.! HMMM....embarrassing! 

It was a questionaire and it was cool! Fill up your particulars and tick 3 most preferred choices of your future career! 
1. of course NOg WoKeRs
2. POhtO juRoliNAst
3. .......( something to do with modelling)

 look at our man busy filling up here....:

look at the bubble and I am imagining that Nyamby is representing my group when he post for this. Which means he will take over all the assignments given and we just have to study!!! HANDSOME MASCOT FOR UMK!(alex and Sharm  - misssssssing)

At 12. 15 - Finalize candidates jonining the motivational program to Kuala Terengganu and all particulars sent in! Mr. Marwan did help us alot and further more encouraged us so much to join this program as it would be beneficial if you consider yourself a leader.

and  unintentional meeting with Juniors. I have to share something so important! First indian girl in the Veterinarian  Faculty! she got in after her diploma in pharmacy! Doesn't that sound weird ? But it did happen...faith!Faithed to be a DR!So proud of her! 
The left most is an up coming environmentalist and she has just begun a project on ' Say No to Plastic in UMK CAFE' and she proposed a 1 month trial period on every Tuesday and she has 2 other members working with her.

The BOSS in black is from Bioindustry course and she said ' AKKA! do you know that my plan is to obtain degree here and work in either Police force or customs and my 1st choice is Customs ;)...I want more money! I mean it..illegal money!' and she giggled! The other expressed their feelings on how some choosy students are nowadays. They are offered seats to pursue their degree which has become a must- have in your life yet students are rejecting it due to location factor even in this borderless world! How sad? Only 23 indian students enrolled themselves in UMK this year and a total of 20 girls and 3 boys! WOMEN POWER!


                                         Alex : MENGAPA KITA PERLU BELAJAR?
                                         Miss: Sebab you bodoh!

And some rushing to finish the forgotten...............as usual
the class was so interesting! We learned the flow of preliminary assessment and detailed assessment and the tutor welcomed our questions and our ideas so much so we enjoyed her class and thanks to DR. KASSIM for introducing new talented jewels of UMK to shine in classes. Frankly, I am satisfied with her teaching..despite she tries her best to speak English I think she puts in a lot of effort in this to keep up to some level rather than just vomiting out of slide plus in Bahasa! Credits to you dear tutor!

her favourite question of the day~ 19 categories of DOE department?
and of course! ~ loves to call me MALLAR

I have more to come...in my next post! got to get ready for film series ! And hope to update soon by tonight
( depending on the internet connection)

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