I think of it when i drink a glass of milk

I think of it when i drink a glass of milk

Saturday, August 21, 2010

2nd Beach Cleaning by Eco- Friendly Club - MASKUM

Beach cleaning program at Pantai Irama on 4th August 2010.

therefore, we are the Maskumarians!

This was the first ever beach cleaning conducted by Eco- Friendly club and it is proud to say that the club manage to attract about 200 students who were interested in volunteering but unfortunately only 70 students were needed. Therefore, a environmental movie show was played and it was to filter those who were really committed and interested in nature. There were almost 60students whom turned up for the movie and were automatically qualified for the beach cleaning participation. The movement is even smoother and less tiring as there are more man power and also enthusiast who drives us going all day long. The event was a collaboration with Sek. Men. Islam Aman, Kota Bahru and about 20 students participated in this.5 pharmacy students from  University Science Malaysia joined us and they too had a good new experience. To many new comers and inexperienced in this field, i would say that it was a lucky day and a good venue to start of with as there were not so much rubbish compared to Pantai Cahay Bulan.This scenario would allow the students to go up the ladder in a lower pace compared to giving them a culture shock.

The event was being supported by Mr. Marwan ,the officer in charge for MASKUM( MAJLIS SUKARELAWAN UNIVERSITI MALAYSIA) and he was all out to make his last project a success before he leaves to further his studies.He was really supportive and gave us a lot of idea on how to excel, create more opportunities for others as well and also credited us for our effort for making this event a success!Irama was not as bad a we could imagine ; the beach was always clean as it is taken care by the local contractor to ensure the cleanliness of the particular beach.Therefore, the process of cleaning up was an easy and quick job. I ended in about 30 minutes and the challenging part was to do  a little campaign of the environment and our daily practice.

Lesson learnt: obviously have  a local with you when you are dealing with the villagers or oldies and of course you have to be extra extra humble and speak using the correct terms. Approach them(the locals) in a kind way and get right to the point rather than winding the stories.

 It was not easy to talk/educate or even share with them but was more of a  tough job to approach them.

However, they were also not as friendly as we thought, Some of them took our approach in a wrong way and they were not happy when we were campaigning. They were pretty much interested in gaining profit and the worst hurdle was to break their PEKAT KELATE DIALEG! wowo..//i could not understand much and a better option was to ask my malay friends to handle them rathe rthan me speaking BAHASA RASMI and making everyone confuse.


  1. Can you please send me MASKUM contact person since Ministry Of Youth and Sports would like to have volunteer program with you guys.Please contact me ASAP 017-2000429 (Azam, Rakan Muda Developmet Division, Ministry Of Youth and Sports)

  2. Hi! Very well.. We are UMK students and Mrs Marinah Muhammad is our advisor. I will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support as well.