I think of it when i drink a glass of milk

I think of it when i drink a glass of milk

Monday, March 14, 2011

Why is there such woman?

Adjectives ~ too many to actually identify and interpret her. Young but not outgoing( I am referring to the scenario at this era- real competitive and fast moving era!), typical of a left out(lucky to be employed), BIG but slightly presentable , supposed to be professional yet ending up being haggard and at times(chooses time) to smile when help is needed. Knowledge is a ‘no’, ‘ no’ but if it concerns on complaints then there is a wide smile and lots of idea to be thrown out. In short, i cant see an effort! Why is the so much of excuse to get her task done? In need of someone for aid?  Deep in myself, the green light is always on, even when its yellowish but self engine refuses to stop. The burning desire that I am very young, too many stuffs from many aspects to be achieved, always on go, to be reached, to be ventured.

Approximately about 4 years of work  experience. It maybe in 2 different companies. The companies may not be an international company where the management is not too sophisticated yet still under pressure to handle simple stuffs. Complaints again?! Yet to reach the higher level positions in authority,( or maybe she just wants to sit on the same sit and never expects to excel or develop herself. It is because she is a woman? I myself and many of my girl friends are and aren’t like this. They have their do’s and dont’s...Should I point my finger to the situation/ environment/ up bringing?Feeling ashamed at her performance, especially when she fails to respect the boss( probably ignorance was the main cause of this catosphere. Keeps herself busy all the time meaning she is slow? Or she has heaps of work untouched?

My concern is.....Why do we have to be or sound so negative? It is not how we are supposed to be. Are we not trained to be productive?Why are we full or excuses, when many  of them had and has been proving many odds to the world. The burning desire has to come from within an individual...finding for opportunity! Chance! Room for improvement...! Yet many take the current situation for granted and stay put at the pace they are and sit in the comfort zone.Wake up people! Or maybe I can’t sit still? Neither way the best is always venturing something new or discovering more about something you knew earlier. ( at least to keep you busy...thou is not a valid reason)

My key word – Excel! Venture! Discover! Explore!  Be someone resourceful or in a normal way- be USEFUL! 

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